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Having made his debut on the big screen in 1976, he revealed his true colours in this 1976 Topolino cover

MILAN - There are fans who have something which perhaps sets them apart as a bit more special than the rest. Fans who have a way of getting everyone else involved. Generation after generation of kids have loved him and followed his escapades avidly. We're talking about Donald Duck, who celebrates his 80th birthday today and whom you may not know is actually an Inter fan.
Since he made his big-screen debut on 9 June 1934 we've seen him appear in all shapes and forms - the hard-up nephew of Uncle Scrooge or the hapless, quick-tempered victim of a thousand unfortunate but hilarious circumstances. We've even seen him don a red cape and turn into a superhero, Paperinik. But there's one side of his personality which endears him to us more than any other: beneath those feathers beats a black and blue heart. Yes, Donald Duck is an Interista, as you can see from this Topolino cover from 31 October 1976.

"Imam veliko poštovanje prema ostalim napadačima, ali Diego je Diego" - Andrea Stramaccioni nakon povrede Il Principea
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